02 Aug 2017

From naturalistic surveys to phytosanitary emergencies - IPSN activities in Italy

The CREA DC (Florence, Italy), an IPSN Euphresco partner, organised a study day for botanic gardens and arboreta. Held in June (2017) the event was entitled “From naturalistic surveys to phytosanitary emergencies”

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24 May 2017

Spittlebug hunt: Help protect our trees!

We need your help! The IPSN is running a UK survey to identify which plants spittlebugs live on by spotting 'cuckoo spit' - a foam produced by their young. This survey will help the government and scientists to better protect our plants from a damaging disease... #Spittlebughunt

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03 May 2017

IPSN activities in the Czech Republic

The Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture (ÚKZÚZ) in the Czech Republic, an IPSN Euphresco partner, recently organised a lecture for botanical gardens and arboreta. The event was a great opportunity for gardens to learn about the IPSN and plant health, as well as to network.

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20 Apr 2017

The next phase of the IPSN...

The IPSN, in collaboration with all Euphresco partners, is pleased to announce the start of Phase II of the project. The project will run from January 2017 until December 2019 and will focus on establishing the network as an early warning for new and emerging pests and diseases.

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04 Apr 2017

An IPSN and RBGE Workshop: Illustrating botanic gardens and arboreta’s commitment to plant health and better biosecurity

On Tuesday 28th March the IPSN, in collaboration with the Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh (RBGE), held a workshop in the garden’s beautiful Botanics Cottage

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